Representing the Environment on All Scales  
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Hydrological Modeling

Rainfall Runoff Modeling: Modeling the Ungauged Basin
Falcon Airstrip, Fort Bragg, NC

This project was initiated to better understand the correlation between hydrological response in a watershed and sediment transport and deposition.  Because not all watersheds on a military installation are gauged, a goal of this project is to identify the parameter set that best characterizes the hydrological response of a gauged watershed, so those parameters can be utilized to model the response in nearby, similar watersheds.

Modeling Procedures

This project took advantage of TOPMODEL, a semi-distributed rainfall runoff model developed by Keith Beven.  The basic assumption of this model is that all points in a catchment with the same topographic index value will respond in a hydrologically similar manner. The TOPMODEL iterations in this project were conducted through the Geographic Resources Analysis Support System, or GRASS.



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